Getting to Bali!


A variety of flights from Europe, America, Australia and most Asian Countries. There is also an array of domestic flights to and from major cities within Indonesia. Please click here to see a list of the airline companies both domestic and international. If you would like to make arrangements for domestic flights click here to link to local travel agencies.


Regular passenger ferries from Java and Lombok.

Cruise ship stop-offs.


By car from Java.

Local Transport

"Transport! Transport"

You will know when you step out side your hotel that you will not have trouble with transort as several drivers will appoach you yelling " transport transport". If travelling by foot you may here this phrase dozens of time before you reach your destination.

Below are a list of alternatives to walking( walking is a great way to see many towns in Bali, -especially the Kuta, Sanur and Ubud areas;

Car and Driver/Guide Package

There are many car/driver packages available. Ask at your hotel for a reputable driver or step outside of your hotel and you will soon be approached by a driver. Tell the driver your plans and destinations and negotiate a fee. A rought guide would be a full day for around US$20 to $30.

Be careful of the driver that recommends you visit a specific establishment only for the reason they may be receiving a commission for your introduction.

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Rental Cars

If you are flexible with your time and schedule you may want to rent a car. Click here to rent a car in Bali

When driving on the road make sure you are aware that;

  • it can be very congested at times
  • some roads start out wide but turn into narrow lanes
  • police may stop you and you will be required to produce your international license.
  • if fined, you may have to pay a fee (bribe) then and there
  • ceremonial processions are frequent and roads may be closed for periods of time

Buses and Bemos

The buses and Bemos can take you anywhere in Bali. They are very cheap (from 500 Rp.) but they are usually overcrowded and difficult to know where they are going. To catch a Bemo just wait at the edge of the road and raise your hand, there bus stop is where the passenger is standing!


There are taxis everywhere in Bali and usualy they will toot there horn to get your attention. If using a taxi, please make sure that;

  • you state your destination and get a price.
  • the taxi uses the meter
  • the taxi is part of a registered company
  • you have change, as the drivers (for convenience sake) rarely seem to have change!

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Bicycles are readily available but beware that there are many holes in the footpath and road and traffic conditions can be quite heavy in areas such as Kuta, Legian and Denpasar.

Bicycles are ideal in country areas like Ubud. There are several companies that offer mountain bike excursions.


If you are feeling brave you may want to hire a motor bile. Please note you require an international license and a special permit from the police statnion for renting a motorbike ( the rental agency can assist you with this).

Helmet are compulsary, but make sure you pick out a sturdy helmet (full face) as most tend to look like skate board helmets.

Driving in Bali


  • Get use to bikes and cars swerving into your lane without indicating.
  • Watch out for large holes in the road or obstacles such as small trees to indicate where holes are.
  • Many food carts and salespeople operate off the side of the road.
  • Merging traffic only give way if they are smaller than you.
  • Every man for himself when entering a round-a-bout.
  • There are many one lane roads and you may have to go quite a distance to return to the same location.
  • Balinese are not use to drivers driving with there parking or head lights on during the daytime.
  • Watch out for drivers, including trucks and buses overtaking on busy roads.

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Car Rentals
Click here to view on on-line car rental service

Bali is not a large island, but a car comes in handy when you are want to plot your own course and see what Bali has to offer.

When it comes to rental cars in Bali, - 'you get what you pay for!'. The age of the car tends to be between 1-5 years depending on the rental agency. If you are looking for a budget priced rental, make sure you check the brake and clutch pedals and the hand brake!

Insurance is not necessarily included, so don't forget to ask the rental agency about their insurance policy.

Driving in Bali is a 'real experience' we advise you to check out our driving tips before you adventure on to the roads.

Agung Rent Car CV.
Nusa Dua
Tel. 772 275

Alex Company
Tel. 288 611

Ardisa Rent Car CV.
Jl. Jempiring No. 1, Denpasar
Tel. 224 064

Bali Trip Car Rental
Jalan Raya Sayan No. 1X,
Tel. 976 640

Bagus Car Rental
Tel. 287 794

Bakta Rent Car CV.
Tel. 223 498

Bali Beringin Car Rental CV.
Jl. Raya Airport, Tuban
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Bali Happy Rent Car
Jalan Raya Kuta 72X, Kuta
Tel. 751 954
Bali Sapta Pesona Car Rental
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Bali Setia Rent A Car CV.
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Candra Kencana Rent Car CV.
Nusa Dua
Tel. 771 858

Darma Guna Car Rental
Tel. 758 179

Fantastic Bali
Tel. 289 171

Garlic Car Rental CV.
Tel. 730 196
Golden Bird Bali

Jl. By Pass Nusa Dua 4
Telp : 701 621
Jl. Pulau Batanta Gg III a/1
Telp : 264 073

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