Art & Culture; Batubulan, village of stone carving

BatubulanIn Bali History, creating art was not seen as a real profession. Art was mainly created for temple decorations and religious festivals to honour the Hindu Gods. And actually, producing arts nowadays is still necessary to serve these Gods, but because of the growing tourism, works of art created in Bali are receiving more and more appreciation.

The know-how and skill of creating Balinese art is gained from inside the families and is passed on through many generations. This way, specialized villages were formed with an expertise on a specific form of art. One of these villages is named Batubulan, which means “Moon Stone” and is located in the district of Gianyar. Batubulan is famous for it’s stone carvings.

Batubulan is a small village with a length of nearly two kilometers and separates itself from the suburbs of Denpasar with many stone carving shops alongside the main road. Driving through the main roads of Batubulan you can witness hundreds of impressive statues made from different kinds of stone. One of these types of stone is called “Paras” which is a mixture of clay and volcanic ashes. These Paras statues have to be renewed every few decennia because the material is quite soft and porous so the statues will not last a lifetime.

You can find a wide range of different statues in Batubulan; from demons that are used to protect temples to life-sized animals like horses, elephants and so on.

I Ketut Wardana

One of these great artists in Batubulan is I Ketut Wardana from the Mayor Art Studio. I Ketut Wardana specializes in statues made of cement and those last a bit longer compared to the Paras-kind statues as mentioned before. In his process to create a statue, I Ketut Wardana creates a wired frame and then he will start to cover it in cement. Then fine details are added at the end of the process with the greatest level of precision.

When you plan a trip in the district of Gianyar or Denpasar or if you’re on your way to Ubud, make sure you pay a (short) visit to Batubulan. When you are heading for Ubud starting from the south like Kuta, Batubulan is basicly on the way there. Because of the small size of the village you only need a few extra minutes to take a look. The Bali Bird Park or “Taman Burung” is also located nearby so it can be a good idea to combine these sights on a day-trip.

Besides creating beautiful statues, this village is also famous for the traditional Balinese dance performances. There is a Kecak theatre just outside of the village and in the mornings you can witness a Barong dance.

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Ahmet Nuray
Ahmet Nuray living in the USA and Switzerland for many years, introduces himself and his studies as it follows:
I was born in İzmir, in 1950. As my father was a carver ,I started carving at the age of 13.
I studied at the Art Institute of Çınarlı, in the department of carving. Then going to the USA,
İn addition to sculpture, ceramic,glass,tree,Stone carving I had pedagogy training. Completing my education I gave lessons in private schools in the USA in the field of sculpture,ceramic and glass and also lessons titled “Art including pedagogy tendency”.I exhibited over 50 collections of mine in the USA Switzerland and France Therefore, I made my living.I have pieces of works in special collections and in the museum of White House.
Stone and marble are the main materials in my works ,my medium is both classical and abstract which can be called New Modernism.In my works, I am to Express the zeal for freedom in living creatures, I enjoy engraving the theme in geometric lines.Henry Moore is my favorite sculptor of those modern sculptors. The lines of Giacometti are familiar to mine.
Dali is familiar in terms of theme.
The discovery and improvement of the ağabeylities of children can be provided by directing
Their energy into art.Because art is a way of communication.
I have made studies in the reformatories where guilty children are kept. I noticed that children found guilty due to various it.A child having familial problems in reformatory because of committing a public crime was coincidentally the theme of my study.The sixteen-year old child be ing under psychological pressure was confused.
The energetic child was rather introverted due to the feeling of guilt. Being friends, we cherished the hope of hte goad days we visited workshops. He was so much impressed that he’d also like to do these sort of things.Getting permisson from the reformatory, I look him to my workshop. When he realized that he wasted his energy, he proved to be more creative. He made over 10 works from mud in 3 monthe.Two years later. I met him in one of the colleges in California white attending sculpture lessons. Being in Turkey, I would to like to make studies as an artist and a pedagogue. The next term, I’ll give lessons in Birkan Yetkin school.


Ahmet Nuray
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