Bali Artists

Bali's legendary painters have been creating for over a century. Complex traditional canvasses capture the island's unique culture and are highly collectible. Bali's many talented painters also work with contemporary themes and styles. Bali features many shops and galleries where original art and reproductions of famous vernacular art can be purchased in a variety of price ranges.

Asroel Portraits of Peacemakers Project

Asroel - Portraits of Peacemakers Project
Asroel drawing of child
Asroel's drawing of a child

Asroel is a talented, 26 year old Javanese Muslim artist, specializing in portrait painting. He recently moved to Bali and has become concerned about what he personally can do to break down the atmosphere of mistrust between people of different faiths. His own life has been an example of breaking down prejudices and barriers: he was born with only one leg and one short arm but no hands. He has throughout his life had to overcome many barriers and prejudices: yet he attended school, trained as an artist and recently married.

For more information contact Asroel on 081337004385, Vern Cork on 08123995055, 7470944, email or visit our website
www.SenangHati.org to see more about his work

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Kikuo Mori – Artist and Teacher Mori Art Studio, Ubud, Bali

Kikuo Mori

Kikuo Mori - Artist and Teacher Mori Art Studio, Ubud, Bali The paintings of Kikuo Mori are influenced by his fascination with the 1960s American Pop and Op Art scenes. During his 20 years in Los Angeles he absorbed the aesthetic and philosophical ideas of Modern and Post Modern American Art, Surrealism and Natural Abstract Expressionism. He pays homage to Georgia O'Keeffe, Mexican painter Diego Rivera and French painter Paul Gauguin.

Now living in Bali, he combines the products of his imagination with the natural world via the medium of oil paint and canvas to create luminous surfaces of vibrant, sensuous forms and patterns. His latest works focus on lush landscapes, intimate depictions of flowers, psychic inner mindscapes and local cafe scenes interwoven with psychological tension. Mori’s paintings reflect Bali’s profound animistic energies and mysticism, his California experience and his Japanese Samurai ancestry.

See Mori's Cv and Artist credentials here

For more information contact Mori on Tel./Fax +62-361-975962,
Hp: 081-337 251349, email

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Robert James Hacunda – Bali Based Painter

Robert James Hacunda – Bali Based Painter
A Searching Circus
As a painter with classic roots in art history, and a focus on the study of nature, traveling the past few years absorbing life, art, and culture has profoundly changed not only my art, but myself as well.

I have now settled into spending a large part of the year living and painting in Bali, Indonesia, with the remaining time working in New York. Travel has always been a wonderful way to absorb new information and Bali has been an experience that will forever be imprinted in my mind and in my work. The light, atmosphere, architecture, local art, and lifestyle have become a new story with a language unto its own for me to tell. I find an innocent humor in the life and its people and at the same time a deep respect for its diversity and beauty.

For more information contact James at email or visit our website www.Hacunda.artroof.com

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Anya N. Rosoff Candids of Life Photography & Written Word

Anya N. Rosoff – Candids of Life Photography & Written Word Anya N. Rosoff was born in New England Connecticut, and has spent half her life traveling with family throughout South East Asia. After living in Kathmandu, Nepal, Anya knew that photography was her true focus. After graduating University in 2001, Anya began taking classes at the International Center Photography in New York City, where she further developed her craft. Traveling to Bali a few times a year, she began her freelance photography, focusing, at first on what she calls “informal” children and family portraits. Currently, Anya continues her family portraits, but has also begun taking commercial photographs for clients. She spends as much time as she can in Bali, where she finds her inspiration and energy.

For more information contact Anya at email, or visit about her work page
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Kerry Pendergrast – at Pranoto's Art Gallery, Ubud, Bali

Kerry Pendergrast – at Pranoto's Art Gallery, Ubud, Bali An accomplished singer, actress and painter, Kerry is one of Ubud's true creative geniuses. Along with her husband, Javanese artist Pranoto, she runs Pranoto's Art Gallery and raises their two children. Kerry's paintings are full of joyful line and color, producing a distinctive, pleasant harmony in each of her creations. She is a happy, singing soul with a gifted artist's eyes and hands.

For more information contact Kerry Tel. 0361 970827, email or see our website Pranoto's Art Gallery at Jalan Raya Ubud, Bali
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I Nyoman Suradnya – Batik Artist & Teacher

I Nyoman Suradnya – Batik Artist & Teacher Ubud Artist, Nyoman Suradnya, creates distinctive art in three main media: watercolor, oils and Batik, the traditional Indonesian lost wax technique. Nyoman teaches a series of exciting and informative Batik workshops and classes at his Nirvana Studio. In his unique teaching style Nyoman endeavors to pass on his knowledge and enthusiasm to students with great success.

For more information contact Nyoman Tel./Fax: 0361 975415, email or visit Nyoman's courses page
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Bali Artist – Linda Buller – Ubud, Bali

Bali Artist – Linda Buller – Ubud, Bali
Linda Buller - Bali Artist
Australian artist Linda Buller has been working and living in Bali for the last six years. With its disproportionate number of artists Bali is a vortex of creative energy which encourages people to recognize a little of themselves and their talents. Much of her work expresses an intense delight in all that makes us human: laughter, magic, celebration and relationships with all Gods creatures and the planet. Her painting is a joyous celebration of life and energy. She coaxes colours working with both tones and texture in her chosen: acrylic and oils. She manipulates her medium with ease and expertise, blending folding mixing, contrasting brilliants and pastels melting like a perfume in a mist.

For more information contact Linda Tel. 0818550947, email or visit our website www.lindabuller.com
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Yhuda – at Jayuda Art Gallery, Ubud, Bali

Yhuda – at Jayuda Art Gallery, Ubud, Bali The original oils on canvas shown in the Jayuda Art Gallery are by Javanese artist Yhuda, a self taught artist who has spent the last ten years living and working in Bali. These stunning paintings capture the natural grace, poise, spirit and beauty of Javanese and Balinese women in both contemporary and more traditional settings. All of these paintings are signed by the artist and can be shipped anywhere in the world. Contact us for information about our gallery and how to purchase Yhuda's paintings.

For more information contact Yhuda Tel. +62 361 980177, email
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Bali Artist – I Ketut Sudiana (Nick) – Ubud Based Painter

Bali Artist – I Ketut Sudiana (Nick) – Ubud Based Painter

Ketut was born July 26, 1973 in Pengaji, Payangan, Bali.
Nick has painted since 2001. His paintings include mermaids, angels, fairies, flowers and deities. His more spiritual paintings in 2005 include KRISNA, CHAKRAS and a STUPA. Nick’s ideal world of dreams and imagination paints characters half-human, half bird or fish that transcend earthly possibilities. A world that embodies the spiritual and celebrates a pristine view of the feminine. A world that is totally magic!

Reproductions of Ketut's Paintings can be found in poster & gift cards at The Yoga Barn©, Ubud & Shop.

For more information contact Ketut at email

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