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Bayad Eco Trekking

Do you want to have an adventure on holiday in Bali? You can, by joining the Bayad Eco Trekking. At the same time, this sporting activity gives you freedom to inhale the fresh air at Bayad Village, Ubud and to observe the pristine ecology of plants as well as the other treasures of nature existing at the village. More than that, the support from the social life of its surroundings will confer a unique atmosphere for your holiday to make it an unforgettable experience.

During the passage, you will discern a wide variety of tropical plants having several benefits, ranging from the use for foodstuff to herbal. Similarly, there are trees bearing rich tropical fruits that you can enjoy along the trekking path.
The Bayad Eco Trekking path passed through will also educate you as you will see and touch herbal plants that are widely used by Balinese people as herbal remedies. Then, verdant panorama overgrown by bushes; plantations of clove, cacao, coffee and vanilla; tropical fruits like durian, snakefruit, rambutan, banana, god, corona of god, assorted wild fruits and the spread of planted rice fields and clean and clear river streams - these will become your magnificent spectacle during your three-hour journey.
A tunnel that was formerly used by the local community to drain their irrigation from behind the hill also lies on the trekking path. Today the tunnel is no longer in use for that purpose but it now becomes a part of your trekking adventure, providing a further charming experience. (BTN/*)

Fascinating Show By Women’s Gong Kebyar Troupe from Kuta

If only the women’s gong kebyar troupe had competed when the Bali Arts Festival (BAF) XXX took place, probably the Pertiwi Wijaya Kusuma women’s gamelan troupe (WGT) from Kuta Customary Village would have gained first place because the material presented was thoroughly fascinating, and had almost no weakness. The fine skills of these household mothers from this international village could present a lively ambience to the growth and development of Balinese art and culture. “Through the performance of this gong kebyar, the identity of Kuta as a destination of cultural tourism would be maintained,” revealed the Village Head of Kuta, I Gede Suparta who vivaciously encourages the spirit of art creativity in Kuta.
Similar opinion was revealed by the Head of Kuta Customary Village, I Gusti Ketut Sudira in the hope that cultural degradation in Kuta will never come true. “On that account, there is no justifiable theorem to marginalize the progress of women’s group on the stage of Balinese art performance,” observed Gusti Ketut Sudira optimistically. The Pertiwi Wijaya Kusuma troupe’s performance that evening indicated that they are indeed very worthy to present on the prestigious stage of Ardha Candra (at Art Center Denpasar). This Gong Kebyar troupe whose members are household mothers also successfully won the applause from a great number of spectators.
These women gamelan players made a fascinating presentation through a lelambatan creation gamelan composition and three kinds of independent dance consisting of the Gabor, Kebyar Duduk and Cendrawasih dance. They competed in the Women’s Gong Kebyar Parade against the Gita Sancaya troupe from Kebon Kori Luluk, Kesiman, Denpasar last Wednesday (2/7) at Ardha Candra amphitheater.
According to Ni Luh Gede Sri Mediastuti, the coordinator and also envoy of the Education of Family Empowerment of Kuta Village, her troupe is shored up by members from 13 hamlets. Each hamlet is represented by 2-3 gamelan players passing through a tight selection. The formation of this troupe is not only intended for competition, but as a tourist attraction which Kuta considers necessary to develop the traditional arts. “As an inhabitant living in a renowned tourist resort, we feel it is necessary to develop a women’s gamelan troupe. Moreover, playing gamelan music is not only monopolized by men; women’s group also has the same capability for that,” she said.
Though it was only founded a year ago, this troupe has a high vivacity and once gained second place in the inter-districts competition of Badung Regency and made a presentation at Fashion Week and Kuta Karnival among others. (BTN/sana)

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