Lakes of Bali


The Lake Batur, whose waters provide irrigation to the rice fields in the surrounding areas, stretches about 8km north to south, but no one has yet been able or willing to measure its depth. Located in mountain area with the spectacular caldera of mount Batur. Mount Batur itself is but a small volcano set just in the middle of a huge, 14 km wide crater next to a crescent-shaped lake of Batur, and surrounded by the tall walls of the caldera rim. The most fascinating viewing spot overlooks the Lake Batur and the volcano is in Penelokan. Penelokan, meaning " place for looking", is not a village but a cluster restaurant's, vendor's stalls, and overnight lodgings on the ridge close to the only road down into the caldera.


Situated in the cool mountains in the northern part of the Bedugul Regency, has a beautiful lakeside temple Pura Ulun Danu as its most famous and photographed attraction. Lake Bratan has boats water recreation facilities which include

Lake Bratan, hooded on the east by Mount Catur, is dark and deep and only slightly ruffled by the roaring watersports industry on her southern shore that is associated with the tourist center known generically as Bedugul. The jewel of the lake is the Candi Kuning, one of the few explicitly Buddhist monuments, and The Pura Ulun Danu Bratan.


Located in the midst of rain forest. Near by Munduk, a Dutch-time plantation center and an eco-tourism hill resort. The peaceful and serene waters of the lakes contrast the wild forest of the surrounding.

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