Yeh Mampeh Waterfall

Yeh in Balinese means water, mampeh means flying, so this waterfall on the eyes of the villager of Les is seen as a flying water. Indeed this less known waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Bali.

From the junction 36 kilometers east of Singaraja, north Bali capital, on the road connecting Singaraja and Amlapura in the east, between Tejakula and Penuktukan villages, follow the road ascending to the south for about a kilometer. The straight road ends at the small junction before the village bathing place.

Picture taken in 1999
Public bathing place
of Les village. The water
come from the same
source as the waterfall.
Take the right turn then to the left, pass the Pura Desa ( one of three most important village temples ), pass the bridge, and arrive on the parking space just before the Pura Subak, the temple of life giving water of the traditional irrigation organization. From there the journey can only be continued by foot. Follow the beaten track for about a kilometer to the south away from the rice fields, then the vegetation become more and more tick.
Picture taken in 1999
Track to the
"flying water".
We know that the waterfall is getting closer when the subtle roar is heard in the distant. Continue walking for a couple of minutes, and that's it, The Borboran Yeh Mampeh or The Flying Water Waterfall.
Picture taken in 1999
Borboran Yeh Mampeh or
The Flying Water Waterfall.
If we are there in the middle or at the end of rainy season, then we get the bigger water. The waterfall become somewhat smaller at dry season.
Picture taken in 1999
Looking up..
The stream away from the waterfall even the shallow pool right under the waterfall is an excellent spot for bathing, especially after walking for the distant under the sun. Just keep away from near the middle of the fall, since the power of the water hitting the body is so powerful that hurts.
Picture taken in 1999
A magnificent site
to cool off..
Like many natural spots in Bali, this place also considered sacred by the people. Some Balinese visitors occasionally bring simple offerings such as incense or flower to be placed on the rocks not far from the waterfall. Local guides normally escort visitors to this site, but even though when you visit this site without them it is advised to behave and speak in proper or gentle manner around the area or better still, along the journey.
Picture taken in 1999
The stream, away
from the waterfall.
Walking away from the site and back to the crowd of Les village, you can continue your journey around Bali. To the east, you'll find Tulamben, Amed, Tirta Gangga, Amlapura and continue toward Candi Dasa, all of them offer good accommodations. To the west you'll meet Air Sanih, Singaraja, Lovina and Menjangan island, all are resort areas complete with tourist facilities. Except for Candi Dasa and Menjangan island, all of the sites can be reached in 1,5 hours or less.

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