Panorama Bali


The Batur caldera, Bali‘s most sensational landscape. Batur it self is but a small volcano set just in the middle of a huge, 14 km wide crater next to a crescent-shaped lake of the same name, and surroud by the tall walls of caldera rim.


Jati Luwih, which it is situated 700 meters above sea level with its fresh air, about 27 km to the North of Tabanan. Jati Luwih means really beautiful. This area serves as the most beautiful panorama view in Bali. It faces large terraced rice fields and thick green vegetation. On the northside there is a mountain with its thickly jungle and dense forest.


Bukit Jambul, Karangasem. Not only are it is rice terrace famous, but it offers a wide panorama down to the cost and, if you are lucky enough to make your visit on a clear day, you may even catch a view of Mt. Rinjani, across the strait in Lombok, Indonesia’s third highest mountain

Putung is a tourist destinations located at Duda Timur Villge, Selat Distric, Karangasem. The name "putung" means a remote separate place, formally visited by childless couple wishing to meditate in order to have children. Putung has a beautiful scenery, a combination of mountain view, lush green valley and the blue sea at the distance. It is also supported by the local people activity as skin fruit farmers.

Iseh is situated at Sidemen village, Karangasem, about 52 km east of Denpasar. It is a village of charming natural beauty. It’s has been recognized since two foreign painters, Walter Spies from Germany and Theo Meier from Switzerland, setup a painting studio there. The view is really beautiful. In the distance are the steep slopes of Mount Agung, a winding river with cristal clear water and lush green terraced rice fields.

Tirtagangga waterpalace near Karangasem. It is set in beautiful scenery with stunning view over terraced rice fields to the sea. Here the atmosphere is still that of glorious days of the kingdom of old.

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